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About Us

Creators of the All-Natural, One-Step Calcium Carbonator. Home of Reef Results Marine, the Ultimate, Purification, Filtration, Supplements, and Enrichments company.Here at Reef Results Marine we specialize in water quality and care for the modern saltwater reef aquarium. We've taken complicated water chemistry and additives to the next level. All our products focus on innovation, quality, and simplicity for today's hobbyist.

No Prep, One Step Calcium Carbonator

Natures Perfect Balance • Ionically Balanced • All Natural 100%

Calcium Carbonator available in 16oz. 32oz. 1gal.

Developed by: Larry A. Lau

  • Safe guard your aquarium with the most popular water quality care products available.
  • Phos Blaster extractor and reactor media cells
  • Phosblaster Nuker the liquid phosphate precipitator
  • Coconut shell carbon reef master blend absorber and purifier
  • Stacking tray mud sytem filtration
  • Custom RO/DI 5+6 stage water purifier with TDS meter.
  • Get exceptional results with Reef Results Marine.