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Reef Results Testimonals

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Ironically, my entry into the reef tank hobby did not grow out of a lifelong passion for aquarium keeping. While I've always had an affinity for the Natural World and had kept goldfish when I was young which all died on the first day. I had no help or father figure to teach me and I was devastated and lost my interest at that point, I think I was 14 years old but at 21, I tried again after finding a beautiful 46g oceanic bow front fish tanks discarded and I thought what a waste so I took it home. I was hooked from there, ghost knife fish, Columbian shark catfish, tiger catfish, silver dollars, and my all time favorite the Malawi blue dolphin cichlid. I had never maintained a marine tank of any kind and here was my ultimate freshwater community tank.

Anyway I Digress, I now have a 230g Tank (74 L x 24 H x 30 D) with a 45g wet/dry hand built by my friend Erick during his year of recovery. The stand was later built by me with aid from Erick. The Plumbing was a combination of my failures to gain my first ever saltwater tank. July 19, 2010 my tank went online and the overwhelming world of salt water became my life. I went to work trying to tackle this monster of a challenge and bought my first trio of corals from my friend Alex who I met during this adventure. Alex was using a less superior product (Which I will not name but now is converted to Reef Results, We forgive you) and had me try it out which I did and hated the first week. My water parameters were completely off and I meet Larry’s son who was an aspiring representative for Reef Results who finally sold me on the product. From that point on, I was hooked. I began immediately adding a vast array of color and life to my tank with the blessing of Reef Results.  Reef Results Marine products specialize in water quality and care for the modern saltwater reef aquarium which is what wanted.

Larry has taken the complicated water chemistry and additives to the next level on all his products which is focused on quality and simplicity for today's hobbyist like me. I now have over 60 different types of corals, an array of 50 fish, and well over 100 diverse types of Invertebrates. I use Reef Results Calcium Carbonator, PhosBlaster Multi Media Max I Reef Master Blend Activated Carbon and Coconut shell. I am now in the process of using set up my Reef Result Nitro-Gen-Exit Pro-Biotic Pellets that removes phosphate, and nitrate from saltwater aquariums.

Words cannot express enough about Larry Lau and his amazing Reef Result product. Larry makes maintaining a saltwater fish tank effortlessness which gives novice confidence to own and maintain salt water aquarium.

The REEF RESULTS products and its Owner/Developer Larry Lau truly delivers.

Thank You Larry,

Jerome Berry

Our tank has grown from 20 to 100 to 180 to 210 gallons today. During this time, we have had relationships with and visited many marine life stores and warehouses, talked with many knowledgeable people and listened to overwhelming advice. Just after hurricane Wilma we met Larry. He was the only person that empathized with us; he responded and helped us with guidance and a desperately needed water change after losing most of our tank to WILMA. We can not thank Larry enough for helping us maintain and enjoy the ease of owning a salt water aquarium.
Larry helped us move our tank in 2006. This is when we opted to increase the size to 210, to better accommodate our extremely large leather. With the larger tank the leather grew even more which uses all the available alkalinity in the tank. Larry developed a product available for his customers to try that we nick-named SUPER JUICE! With daily dosing it maintained correct water chemical levels. It now seems that Larry improved on the product so much that not only have we been able to maintain proper sea levels, all of our corals, even our elegance has doubled and have just flourished. One that we're especially proud of is a five head Duncan we purchased from Eco Reef Aquariums (Larry's live fish store) just about a year ago. It now has over 50 heads. Our corals beg for the product now and there is a noticeable difference when we forget. The REEF RESULTS products, and it's owner - developer Larry Lau truly delivers with great results. When you find someone that runs a business with the kind of enthusiasm you see at Eco Reef Aquariums, freely and willingly offers their vast knowledge, and provides the guidance that you need to succeed with your tank you truly have found the business that you will stay dedicated to. You can see from the RESULTS that this same kind of enthusiasm and knowledge has gone into all of the REEF RESULTS products.

Thank You Larry,
Lulu and Vic Kuzmovich