Nitro-Gen-Exit Pro-Biotic Pellets 1000 View full size

Nitro-Gen-Exit Pro-Biotic Pellets 1000

Nitro-Gen-Exit Pro-Biotic Pellets 1000

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Nitro-Gen-Exit Pro-Biotic Pellets is a 100% Biodegradable polymer plastic utilized by microorganisms resulting in the production of C02,H20, Mineral Salts, and new microbial cellular constituents (biomass bacteria reproduction). Aerobic bacteria reduces both N03 and P04 in order to synthesize the DNA, RNA and proteins for growth. Our tests are so stringent that it is assured that such compounds will rapidly and completely biodegrade in aquatic fish and reef aquarium environments. Features: Reduces Ammonia, Nitrite Removes Nitrate and Phosphate Reduces hair algae and other nuisance algae Produces planktonic bacteria as essential food source Makes water Column clear and nutrient free


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