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Calcium Carbonator 1gal

No Prep, One Step Calcium Carbonate Buffer

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Natures Perfect Balance • Ionically Balanced • All Natural 100%

The Easiest and safest way to add calcium carbonate to your aquarium! A premium, water soluble, proprietary formula is the ideal, all-natural, one-step calcium carbonate buffer. Years of research and development testing on all types of aquariums has resulted in faster growth, more intense colors, visibly healthier inhabitants, massive coraline algae growth and increases PH and Alkalinity, calcium magnesium, strontium, potassium, barium, iodine, iron and all major and minor trace elements. The proven list of benefits just keeps growing! This product is a must for anyone maintaining a marine fish or coral reef aquarium.

  • Reef Results Calcium Carbonator designer formula for superior calcium carbonate assimilation and maintaining calcium carbonate magnesium ionic balance.
  • A Super Saturated formula of calcium carbonate buffer and magnesium.

Is a major breakthrough in marine reef keeping liquid technology. It time releases a constant supply of calcium carbonate to your entire marine reef aquarium habitat. Just one dose stabilizes your water chemistry for an entire 12 hours. Providing your corals and fish with the proper elements for exceptional health growth, polyp extension and colors.

Calcium carbonator is a ideal one-step all natural multi mineral base, that is converted to a water-soluble solution that corals can instantly assimilate, providing extraordinary levels of calcium, carbonate, bi carbonates magnesium, potassium sulfate, strontium, barium, all major and minor trace elements, we also added Iron, potassium and iodine. This product is so complete that the need for changing water is greatly reduced. Results are visibly seen, not in month or weeks but in just a few days. It’s the easiest and safest way to add calcium carbonate to your aquarium.

Go get the product everyone is talking about and see for yourself an amazing transition to your coral reef and fish aquarium.


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